Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sustainable NZ - love your country.

It's great to know how Kiwis sustain their affection for their homeland. The one thing that really magnifies my curiosity is how they keep everything so... beautiful? We don't even call it landscaping because that just sounds so unnatural. The countryside looks like every shrub had been strategically planted to achieve a totally natural picturesque-beyond-words look. Yet it is untouched and unfazed by Man's influence and development. Trust me. The Lord of The Rings 'look' is no accident. And is no flimsy film set-up. It's God's creation.

I think the trick is to build around nature. Versus, anything other than that. Build solutions around nature to ensure the country stays green. Think BN, think! Think before you build things! Think about what impact you are making to the environment! Think of a win-win scenario when building - for us and for nature! Think about maintenance before you build! Just... freaking THINK!!!

If you need some clue, knock yourself out here.

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