Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Look for the perfect equilibrium at the perfect place.

Who knew there was such a precious gem, a quiet escapade situated right in the back lane of the city. I'm hardpressed to use the word 'rejuvenation'. It's another one of those words that doesn't mean anything anymore because it's been overused and over-representing too many brands. But this place certainly gets you refreshed. Not the spa-land kind of refreshed (although you could get an excellent treatment in-house) but the serious, grown-up, quieting your mind down, and noticing the subtle movements around you, once again kind of refreshed. Welcome to The Club, Saujana.

Rain shower washes tiredness away.

Free flow of gin, vodka, whiskey, cookies, Smarties and Nespresso. The stuff you need to knock yourself down and lift yourself back up ;)

The perfect breakfast overlooking the greens with light rain. If everyday is today.

It's interesting to note that more and more hotels are advertising to capture the urban market. You need to retreat but your car doesn't. So, you go to the nearest resort or boutique hotel and just burrow yourself into the King size bed and call it a day. The Club is amazingly well thought-out and well designed. One thing I really hope to see is establishments like this to spearhead environmental friendly initiatives. Not as a by-the-way project, but as part and parcel of their business, produce and service.

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