Thursday, August 27, 2009

MINI 50th birthday celebration.

This mv makes people happy. Personally, I used to think MINI was cool. You know, when there's an inexplicable attraction towards something, you normally just label it 'cool'.

Anyway, this video represents MINI's most honest expression, the very essence of its evergreen iconic attitude that is fun, engaging, timeless, priceless, genderless. Somehow, all that is lost in the MINI brand in Malaysia. I can very well understand why since it's so exorbitantly priced. It was 'attitude' alright. But with the snob appeal kind. I have never worked on the MINI brand, but isn't that quite oxymoronic with its lovable, down-to-earth character? Also, I think the brand is facing a tough challenge - being seen more and more as a female car at best, a designer handbag at worst - perhaps that's why there are a lot more cuts on macho MEN standing next to their MINI in the video?

Anyway. Love the video. Love MINI. As in. The REAL MINI.

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