Friday, August 7, 2009

New Golf GTi launched in Hong Kong (and everywhere else soon).

New GTi (mk6) launched in Hong Kong. While I love the 'love speed' idea (mk6's output up by 10 horses from its new EA888 engine (shared with Scirocco?) with refined suspension and drivability, max torque is the same at 280Nm achievable on a slightly lower rpm of 1,700) but I think the site is a little... disappointing. The whole idea is to utilize available online viral videos about speed and associate them with the campaign but it feels to me that it could have been more... dynamite in terms of presentation and usability. Hmm. VW should have originated these ideas and not fish them from YouTube (we've always been original about mobility concepts and technologies right?).

The new generation GTi loses the honeycombed front grille (slight resemblance to its Audi cousins) replaced by a more understated one with red lining. The eyes however, are narrower balancing out the well-mannered exterior to keep that sporty but more refined outlook. It's got a meaner look at some angles and a more gentleman executive look in others. Visual tricks. I'm liking the backlights too. The mk6 also replaced the side 'mold' panels with a more careful but distinct pressline to perhaps lift up the vehicle's muscularity. I think it could beef up a little bit more definition to really flex more muscles to its otherwise 'chubby' sides. It's lowered 22mm (front) and 15mm (rear) so expect even better handling than the already extremely road-hugging characteristic of the GTi.

I'm guessing this will cost about... RM230,000?

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