Saturday, August 22, 2009


I thought I'd take a short break to chat personal.

Getting a little irritable with things. My friends are beginning to notice how my stress level stated on the status of my messenger is fluctuating up and down like a stock market gone haywire.

How do you define costing based on man-hours? Honestly, if I charged you for 4 hours, does that mean that once the time is up, I stop? Even if the job is uncompleted? Why then do I get charged for inefficient people? Why then do I not get charged more for highly efficient people? So, if I'm highly efficient and took half the time to produce something that requires others more time to complete, I charge less!? The absurdity of this cost strategy goes beyond me.

So if I was thinking about your project for 4 hours. And I continued to think about it while I'm in my shower, while I'm speeding, while I'm fidgeting or even while having dinner, table-tennis-ing some thoughts with random friends, how do you charge for that?

How can knowledge-based 'work' be calculated as if it's labor-based 'work'? Hey, if I'm at your event, and you told me to give out all the leaflets by 5 o'clock, you bet I'd give them all out by 5 o'clock, otherwise it's per hourly fee, yes, no? But strategic planning!? Creative production!? Digital programming?! Wha...?!

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