Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sustainability & Change Management.

It's been a crazy week at work. The stuff you do every day and should be doing every day, the stuff that brings in the dough and feeds the mouth, the stuff that lifts morale and sparks passion, the stuff that is right for the nature of our business and nature, period.

We've finally got around launching a new division in my employer's company which is called Sustainability & Change Management. While we're not claiming to be the experts, but this certainly seals a serious commitment for Dentsu to move towards a sustainable future. Not just for ourselves, but our clients and the community which surrounds us. IMPORTANT: This is beyond going green. I think the key word is BALANCE. Our world is too extreme which is why our eco-system is tipped and screwed up.

Get wired in our less-serious blog, and police us ;) We welcome that. Oh by the way, our new batch of namecards is 100% made from recycled paper. How bout that for a start?

Meanwhile, if you're interested to know more. Get in touch.