Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New BMW X1.

Posted a close up shot of BMW X1's new swanky angular rim before and here we see it running. I always prefer car videos with narration (at least for BMW) simply because they're so... poetic ;) This one, although in absence of Beemer's usual literary rhythm, still captures the essence of the latest addition to the X family.

I like the last bit on the sunroof. Malaysians will tell you that it's not practical, the rubber will wear off, rain will leak in, it's silly if you haven't breathe enough of smog and haze, and all sorts of other blah blah blahs. But take no heed. Because when you do have it, though it may not be something handy, but it certainly gives you an inexplicable feeling of 'driving freedom' that is 'close' (not the same, but close) to a convertible.

I draw the sunroof back (yes, in Malaysia) simply because. I can.

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