Friday, September 11, 2009

What really goes on in Dentsu Utama.

An email conversation on any day...

Jeremy> As many of you know, thanks to Sue Yin’s “Turn off your main switches” and “Polystyrene-Free Office Starting Tomorrow” e-mails, Dentsu Utama is now eco-friendly! And to add to the list of “Green things to do”, we’re also conducting a “No lights lunch time” initiative. Don’t worry, it’ll be only done once a week, on Fridays. So, from this week onwards, the office will be in the dark during Friday’s lunch time. If you must work, and REALLY, REALLY, REALLY (You get the idea) need a light, then you may switch on a light. Only one. First ‘No lights lunch time’: Friday, 11th September 2009. 1pm – 2pm. Thanks!

Sue-Anne> I supply candles la!

Amirrul> Open BURNING!!!....

Jonn> Hmm candles huh? Used previously for what ah?

Jeremy> Dear all, “No lights lunch time” will commence in 10 minutes… Get ready to sit in the dark….

Sue-Anne> Should have taken a photo of darkness…

Photo of darkness....sue anne...we can still take picture one..i'll switch off the lights for you..want or not? it still looks the same...

I’m famous! I’m on a blog….Congrats people. I know this mail is a little late, but….. good one on the “No lights lunch time”!

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