Sunday, March 20, 2011

Overwhelming love.

It's been an amazing week. As Japan continues to struggle, you see love pouring in from all over the world to support them. Never have I seen a country loved so much by everyone! I cannot recall when was the last time, a country had gotten so much of this international limelight. Not by media alone, but by social media and more importantly, by user-generated content. We witness Facebook pages, groups, events, Twitter channels, blogsites, websites, popped up overnight, all exclaiming their support to Japan, encouraging them to not give up while relief aids continued to pour in. Amazing. That brings me to one question... there was Katrina, there was Haiti, there was Christchurch, but... why does Japan seem to be getting so much limelight? So much, personal connection than the rest of the world who went through a similar fate?

I think this is the result of decades of humility and selflessness of the Japanese culture. The people were the brand itself. Those who are cheering for the land of far east, must have at some point shared an experience with Japan. People were moved by their spirit as reported by CNN on how unbelievably calm and orderly the locals are. People were inspired by them to be better people. The Japanese speak of a spirit called 'Kizuna' which really means Hope and Unity. You know, I think many countries which need that more than Japan. The Japanese has always been proud of their motherland. Can we claim that too one day? Maybe we don't need 1Malaysia. Maybe what we need, is a bit of 'Kizuna' too.

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