Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sensational lift as defined by Slimming Sanctuary.

The team's been busy working on a 'slimming' brand recently. While we were researching and busy digging for insights, we came across a competitive brand called Slimming Sanctuary which positioned themselves as slimming professionals with strong motto in pampering their customers.

Just want to share what I read from their brochure which just cracks me up:

Title: Sensational Lift (selling two products - Bust Maximiser and Bust Lifting Treatment with Ionto)
Copy: When your bosom buddies start heading down south or are gravitationally challenged, a little help can prop them back to their perky selves. Sagging, small or pendulous busts need firming and toning. Slimming Sanctuary has the answers to your sagging, er, we mean, nagging problems.

Hhahahahahahahahahhahaha. Okay, I have to give it to the copywriter for his or her incredible sense of humor. The rest of the brochure was stylish and tasteful till the writer decided to take a shot at the boobs. I guess it's just the 'bust' portion that he/she decided to take a different route to get his/her point across. I wonder if the client did a copycheck :PP

Okay, I'm sorry (hahahahahahahaha). Back to work... :P

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