Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The trouble with generalization.

Once there was a boy who was at school. He was in a classroom, building his science model. He was so engrossed in his project that he didn't realize there were other students in the classroom next to his.

The atmosphere in the other classroom was most definitely different from his. It was tensed...

Three boys surrounded a girl and she was terrified. They taunted her and two of them pinned her down on top of a desk. While the third swung his fist and gave her a good aim on her face. She screamed, kicked, twisted and turned. But no one came to her rescue. The three boys continued abusing her and at last, they took turns to violate her. She screamed on top of her lungs... still no one came to her rescue.

And from a far distance, someone heard the piercing voice. The gardener spun around and felt something was amiss. It's normally rather peaceful at this hour of the day. The school was off, there shouldn't be a sou
l around. Unconvinced that he was alone and sensing danger, he gathered some men to investigate.

Upon approaching the school, they saw the gate opened. Strange, they thought. It was always closed. They went into the building and finally came to the classroom where the girl was held. They were rooted at the door while horror embraced them like a cold friend. The girl was raped, beaten up and murdered. Her lifeless naked body was covered in bruise and blood, draped awkwardly from the edge of the desk.

It took awhile for the men to come to their senses as they stared death in silence. Suddenly, a sense of fury rises in them. Which animal would do such a thing to this poor girl? They thought. The next moment, all they could see was red. Red in her blood. Red on the desk. Red on the floor. Just red. They stood there infuriated by this animal. Their anger could not be contained. They have to seek revenge. They have to look for justice.

Suddenly, one of the men announced a discovery. They found the boy in the next classroom doing his science project. They pulled him roughly by the collar and made him stood in front of the corpse. He was shocked and couldn't stop shaking in fear. He has never, ever saw anything like this before. His breat
hing quickened, his eyes were stricken, his palms wet, he couldn't make any sound.

In the midst of his predicament, the men demanded an answer from him. They pointed to the next classroom and asked him if he was in there. He couldn't answer. So the man holding and shaking him, gave him a tight slap that temporarily blinded his vision. Suddenly, it dawned upon him that he should fear for his life. Another strike came... and another... and another... then he quickly nodded his head. And when he did, the man became even angrier. Pulled him and shoved him roughly and screamed at him. He couldn't understand what they were saying, he just knew they were very angry and he was very afraid.

One of the man, couldn't contained his anger anymore and kicked him. The rest saw and followed suit, they started kicking the boy. And when that didn't satisfy them, they started punching him. Hitting him with all kinds of objects they could find. The boy screamed and shouted but his words were incomprehensible. His voice was terrified and muddled with fear.

After what seemed hours of releasing their anger, the men finally came to a stop. Because the boy was dead. They sigh a sigh of relief. Finally, justice served. They took the remains of the girl and left the school building, while leaving the boy to rot in their vengeance.

They thought they have returned the girl was she was robbed of. Dignity. Life. Future. Though they cannot give it back to her, they could steal from the one whom they thought was responsible. Little did they know, not only the boy, as you don't already know, is not one of the three murderers, he was deaf.

We so easily condemn invading forces, grouping the entire nation as evil for the wrongdoings of a few hands and the darkness of a few minds. Not knowing that sometimes, the nation never had a choice. And she herself was deceived with propaganda and/or withheld news. Why punish those who did not design evil but instead were deluded to believe it was the only salvation they had? There is crime in deception, but is there one in being deceived?

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