Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why does everyone think they deserve to be a VIP?

Up till now, I still cannot be sure whether it is a local habit or just generally innate in mankind. Why does everyone (at least majority of consumers) think that they deserve VIP treatment? Well, surely paying for some sort of service will come with a certain level of service expectation. But I wonder if there's a particular bracket of income that will show the highest service dissatisfaction?

To my understanding, good service shouldn't use the price tag as a benchmark. Good service means putting oneself in the shoes of the customer and consider how he or she would like to be treated. But having said that, is there such thing as being a 'good' customer? If good service shouldn't be determined by price, could that be the reason why special treatment is demanded by every haughty Joe and Jerry? Whether it's 5 bucks or 500 bucks? Then what constitutes the minimal level of service or maximum amount of paid attention? Or perhaps, it's the relativity of investment to their disposable income? Someone who earns ten grand, spends 1000 will surely demand more attention than one who earns one hundred grand and spends the same amount? If that's hypothetically correct, it really means that we potentially have a lot more customers complaining at the bottom of the pyramid versus the ones on top? That kinda opens a new can of wormy questions: People at the top care less for personal attention? Because they know they're gonna get it anyway? Hmm...

It's just really interesting to wonder, why on earth would anyone think that they deserve VIP treatment, regardless of the amount they have paid (or could have paid) for the service rendered. Hmmm.

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