Monday, February 28, 2011

Dentsu appointed as the official representative of Facebook sales and marketing support in Japan.

While all of us were occupied watching pseudo-Mark in The Social Network (which won Best Adapted Screenplay by the way), our President was busy drinking tea with the real deal :) We can expect even stronger know-hows in local markets very soon.


February 28, 2011 - Dentsu Inc. (Tokyo: 4324; ISIN: JP3551520004; President & CEO: Tatsuyoshi Takashima; Head Office: Tokyo; Capital: 58,967.1 million yen; hereinafter "Dentsu") and Facebook, Inc. (CEO: Mark Zuckerberg; Headquarters: Palo Alto, California, USA; hereinafter "Facebook") announced today an agreement under which Dentsu will become the official representative of Facebook's sales and marketing support to companies in Japan.

Under this agreement, Dentsu, as Facebook's official ad sales representative in the Japanese market, will provide consultation on effective Facebook Page development, exclusively market Facebook Premium Ads, and offer new marketing strategies utilizing Facebook that are tied into ad placements in the mass media to advertisers in Japan.

"Dentsu will be a valuable partner for us as we seek to support marketers in Japan to connect and engage with their customers," said Blake Chandlee, Vice President & Commercial Director, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Emerging Markets, Facebook. "Dentsu understands the unique social marketing opportunity on Facebook, and will work directly with brands here to help them create and implement campaigns that will impact their businesses in meaningful ways. "

"As communication styles diversify, social networking, which directly connects consumers to other consumers, has become a vital communications medium in the world today," said Dentsu Executive Officer Akira Sugimoto. "I believe that our collaboration with Facebook will play a key role in our initiatives to further strengthen links between consumers and corporations. "

Facebook has more than 500 million users worldwide, and many brands and businesses around the world are already integrating Facebook as part of their marketing activities. Campaigns in which advertisements in Facebook are linked to a wide variety of advertisements in the mass media are becoming increasingly apparent .

Through this alliance, Dentsu will propose and implement new communications strategies and marketing activities utilizing the Facebook platform to advertisers and media companies, in addition to creating new advertising models that will generate new revenue streams.

cyber communications inc. (President & CEO: Hideyuki Nagasawa; Head Office: Tokyo; hereinafter "cci"), a subsidiary of Dentsu Inc., will act as the media representative for sales of advertising space on Facebook.

Looking forward, the Dentsu Group will provide optimal solutions for the new marketing activities required by companies in this age of social communication.

The main points of the agreement are as follows.

[Main points of the business collaboration agreement]

1. As Facebook's official ad sales representative in the Japanese market, Dentsu will obtain from Facebook the latest technical information and examples of how to use the services, and will provide consulting services to advertisers and media companies.

2. With the cooperation of Facebook, Dentsu will create Facebook Pages that maximize the platform's functions in order to provide added value to advertisers and media companies.

3. Dentsu will have exclusive sales rights to the premium advertising space on Facebook for a one-year period from February 18, 2011, and will develop new advertising strategies in Japan that link advertisements in the mass media (such as television, newspapers, magazines and radio) with advertisements on Facebook.

4. Utilizing the technical support provided by Facebook, Dentsu will develop new plans and business related to advertisements and promotions that utilize the Facebook platform.

5. Dentsu will proactively incorporate into its proposals to clients Facebook Premium Ads with social context that Facebook currently offers

(Press Release)

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