Monday, February 14, 2011

Short and quick recharge at Langkawi.

So I asked Google to recommend, and I explored the recommended :) Not bad for an informal guide.

I've always loved Langkawi - idyllic, friendly people, vast of greens, rich in legend, stretches of beaches. This time, as recommended by Google, I stayed in Four Seasons Langkawi, which is a huge resort estate in Tanjung Rhu with the friendliest bunch of people taking care of it. Meals are extremely pricey though if you weren't on an all-inclusive package. Although expected for a luxury resort, but it really ain't got value for money. Menu is considerably plain, priced premium for the sake of pricing premium. That's one set back. The other which I could think of is the beach. From the resort ground, the beach looked pristine but when closer to the shore, the sand turns coarse and stoney with the occasional but not unexpected trash. Sigh. But on the good side, the estate is beautiful and relaxing and the bed is simply heavenly! It's been a long time since I've last slept so soundly on a foreign bed! You only need to sink in to doze off... So Four Seasons, checked. キラキラキラキラ Also, watching the sun set in Langkawi was highly recommended. And there's no other better place than watching the swooping fiery yolk goes down at Tanjung Rhu ;) Checked!

Cat's too light, so he doesn't 'sink' :P

Your private outdoor jacuzzi :)

Cat having afternoon tea while getting ready for London :)

汗Also visited the Langkawi Underwater World. Although no first class amenities, and I wish to see more of the educational material become less static and more engaging, nevertheless the species it houses is vast and pretty exciting as you'll see later. It's RM38 for tourists, and 28 bucks for Malaysians (ahh, finally, some usage for MyKad). Underwater World? Checked! 汗

If you're like others who love shark's fin soup, please please please understand that their fin is cut off in the most inhuman way possible. Here, we take a commercial break (don't worry, it's not gory, so you can continue to watch it). Please watch and help stop the insanity びっくり :

And we continue with our underwater journey...



This is amazingly surreal...

Trippy yo...

Cat and Happy Feet (I mean a lot a lot a lot of Happy Feet) :P

Well, that was a quick weekend getaway and I absolutely recommend you to do so if you've not done so already. Langkawi is only an hour away by flight so if you were to leave on Friday morning and come back Sunday noon (as long as Air Asia's airbus is in a good mood), you'd have enough time for a full battery charge :)


  1. :) Interesting blog & cute little cat..