Monday, February 28, 2011

Dentsu Utama looking for a PR executive and Account Executives.

PR Executive:
With at least 2 years background in PR agency, press release writing experience and good command of language both spoken and written. Good media relation is a plus point. Some sort of journalism ability is extra points.

What you can expect to do: A lot of reading and 'journal-type' of writing, assisting in strategic planning for non-directly paid media. Work on your connections, building genuine relationships on behalf of Dentsu. Getting involved in a bit of creative work and producing it. Er... just a bit (in case any copywriter is reading this...). As you grow into your job, you'll realize that your job scope becomes increasingly grey. Depending on your strength, capability and capacity, we may then decide to give you an opportunity in other non-direct but PR-related areas. Your leadership potential will be consistently and guerilla-ly (if there's such word) tested so be prepared. Be very prepared.

Snr Account Executive/Account Executive:
Whilst I'm a strong believer in the new generation, fresh grads most unfortunately need not apply (yet). At least two years with previous employer. Not to be sexist, but female preferred. Unless a guy can demonstrate equal if not better ability in being meticulous. Good looks have no brownie points, but sloppiness will minus you some.

What you can expect to do: Get thrown around in a couple of accounts and... swim. Swim like you've never swam before :) Working with managers in production, as independently as possible. Mistakes (e.g wrong copy, wrong FA, wrong insertion, wrong size) are unforgivable and deserve capital punishment. You will be shot. If you survive, you will be shot again (we understand people make mistakes, that's why we don't hire freshies :)). You'll be involved in a lot of research work relevant to communication and your business. And you'll work very closely with planners and will be given the chance to lead some risk-averse projects. If your team doesn't comply to your commands, you can beat them up. It's really up to you, so be creative. Sometimes, you'll be put in the hot seat and expected to give your opinion. If it sounds stupid, well... er... at least you've tried. Also, build genuine relationship with the client, although important to note that you don't have to do anything which you will not be respected for. If they screw you, contrary to conventional agency, you can screw them back. But do it with finesse, because if they complain to your management, then you're really screwed.

Relevant for both: Promotion is almost guaranteed if you're constantly pursuing out-of-your-job-scope work that is result-driven. How fast your promotion comes depend on how fast you pursue this out-of-your-job-scope work and also how much result it brings. Out-of-your-job-scope work without results is good too. You'll earn two pats on your back and a hug thrown in :) Fun personality but grounded with good common sense, optimistic and able to endure Japanese hardship. But more importantly, has a great sense of humor. Don't worry, Kamikaze or Harakiri spirit not needed though commendable. Have all that? Then we need to talk.

(If you're reading this and you have the perfect candidate, why not just apply on their behalf? You know they deserve better ;))

See you soon.

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