Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Internet: A technology of forgetfulness?

Read in ADOI today:

"It really scares me to know that there is an illness out there that can make us forget not only the distant past, but our loved ones who are still with us. We're happily outsourcing our memories to the Internet, which author Nicholas Carr describes as a technology of forgetfulness."
- Hafidz Mahpar, Associate Editor - The Star


Are we remembering less by depositing memories into the Internet creating a generation of forgetfulness?

Or are we remembering more because we now have the ability to go beyond the limit of our physical memory capacity and by that we're talking beyond giga but tera or potentially peta (quadrillion) bytes of memories?

The answer lies not in the simple fact of seeing two different sides of a coin. The answer lies in which year you were born, and at what age you experience the growth, peak and burst of web 2.0.

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