Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Accepting versus seeking responsibility.

It's 2012.  If you are resonate with the following:

1) That the average human being has an inherent dislike of work and will avoid it if he can;
2) Because of this, people must be coerced, controlled, directed and threatened to get them to work properly;
3) That the average human prefers to be directed and avoids responsibility, has little ambition and prefers security above all.

Do us all a favour.  Please change to these:

1) The expenditure of physical and mental effort in work is as natural as play or rest.
2) External control and threat of punishment are not the only means of getting people to work properly.  Man will exercise self-direction and self-control.
3) How a person will commit himself to helping to attain organisation objectives will depend upon the rewards associated with achievement
4) The average human being, under proper conditions, can learn not only to accept but to seek responsibility
5) The capacity to assist materially in the solution of organisational problems is widely, not narrowly distributed in the population
6) The intellectual capacities of the average person are only partly used under modern industrial conditions.

All it takes, is just a switch of mindset.  And I'm not just talking about work.  A family is also an 'organisation', in a social rather than business context.  You may not agree, but you will see a lot of similarities of what successful relationships are built upon - good teamwork, not just all sparks and bouquets.  Good teamwork doesn't appear overnight, it needs great challenges to prevail.

Good luck :)

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