Friday, January 13, 2012

Aren't you a tad over-confident?

Everyone wants to be somewhere by 30.  No doubt, there are many who were born with the gold-plated apparatus in their mouth, but even so digital has paved major highways to success for many Millennial.  And, then I read something which really jumped at me.  Yes, today we have so many young moguls covered in the press - self-made or not, but if you take the average Joe, you'd realize:

"As a result, many young people today think they're superior to their peers and appear ambitious—playing up their successes as proof of their overachievement. But Twenge spots a growing disconnect between self-views and reality. For example, when adjusted for inflation, the average income of young men in their 20s is lower than it was in the 1970s, despite the play afforded in the press to modern Millennial millionaires." - Psychology Today

Do you see what I see?  For so many years, we've been enjoying the growth of 'capitalism' (the research was done in America, so we will use their model as an example), but this 'growth' is essentially delusional.  Sure we are earning 2k versus 200 given the same age 30 to 40 years back but the value of our money is now worth at 200 versus 2k.

Which essentially means (sorry to go all graph craze of late, but it really helps me to put things in perspective):

We may be achieving more.  But the value of our achievement overtime is becoming less given the 'time of achievement is at a constant 20s'.  Is there a solution to this?  I don't know.  But it sure helps to stop you from jumping off the 'overachievers'' cliff if money is your sole motivation for doing what you do.

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