Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My short film (if I ever have one).

I wanna tell a story.  The story is about this king who due to some unforeseen circumstances, left his home country when he was young to live in a foreign land.  No one knew he was royal blood but only himself.  He did all sorts of jobs to earn a living and survive (just like a commoner) but with great wisdom (cause wisdom is supposed to come with blue blood, no?).  But one day, he had to go home because there was rampant dictatorship and tyranny in his home country.  He fought long and hard for he had sort of 'relinquished' his throne.  But as life would have her way, he simply couldn't let go millions of his subjects that are living in horror and famine; result of ruthless dictatorship.  So he decided to go back and 'save' his country and in a way redeem himself.  So, one fine morning he donned his royal robe - full of splendour and glory, bespoke and befitted, wonderful and worthy of a King to succeed the throne.  And took the great flight home.

Next the movie should cut into an arrival scene that should be utterly moving.  The king will arrive in his royal splendour with no escorts except for his wife and two children.  But when everyone saw him, they knew salvation was at hand for they recognised immediately this is someone very important.  And one by one, they will bow their heads, bend and go down on one knee - in awe and respect, in joy and knowing.  One by one they will go down on their knees.  And there, at that very moment.  The King has been reinstated.

And the movie will continue to unfold with dramatic sacrificial scenes interspersed with seat-gripping 'almost Valkyrie' equivalent sort of strategy anxiety cuts.  And the king demonstrates his birthright wisdom and practical street knowledge (by hand and digital) by what he learned while living as a commoner, and all his wit to free his country from a Jong-il equivalent.

And Jong-il equivalent was banished, not brutally murdered like Gaddafi, Saddam and Osama because the king was compassionate.  From then him, his family and the country live happily ever after.


Story inspired by true story here.

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