Thursday, January 12, 2012

What's in the name of honesty?

Once upon a time, there was a fresh-eyed graduate who got a shelling of her lifetime for an honest opinion that she had impulsively put forward.  "You can shove your honesty somewhere else" was the reply - harsh, loud and clear.

It was remembered and it was defied.  For a lifetime.

Till many years later, Wisdom came knocking on the door and taught her that it wasn't honesty that was not appreciated.  It wasn't also so much the fact that we cannot propose our thoughts and feelings on the table especially when they trouble us greatly.  It was about holding it back till Right Time comes along.  It was about using Maturity to brew the thoughts and feelings so that they could be better digested when the time for them to be appreciated comes.  And by doing so, from Honesty blossomed Patience.

I see.

You know, it's quite a liberating when you finally get it?  Feels like something in you just took flight but at the same time, that very same feeling grounds you.  Because now you know better.  And now you know, what the shelling was for and for what it's worth, it was worth it.

And so I learned, some things you've just got to suck it in and let it brew in you.  Not to the point where you hit boiling point and explode but just enough for the emotions to vaporize a little even though the matter may remain.

Now for some laughs.

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