Monday, January 2, 2012

The answer to that fear.

Yes?  No?

The New Year sure brought some 'light' - I supposed it's one of those reflective moments when you ask yourself what's been holding you back?  Most of us recognised fear but few of us know how to overcome it.  Confidence is both a good and bad virtue if you ask me, and the fine line between having some and having too much is just too damn unclear!  Thus making it a very unassuming yet dangerous ground to be in.  So, I suggest the next time fear stops you from doing something, check-in with yourself and bring some sincerity to the door.  For me, it (somehow) does the trick.  (Still in beta mode but we will see).

To do or not to do, to say or not to say, to initiate or not to initiate - when we are sincere, the other party surely feels it too.  Besides when we're sincere in doing something, somehow the outcome doesn't matter anymore, isn't it? :)  Good luck in conquering that fear!  And wish me luck too.  がんばろう!

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