Friday, April 23, 2010

Death of a strategic planner.

The key word of today's marketing communication discipline. Integration, integration, integration. Traditional planners become the consumer voice, conduct extensive social type researches to get a slice of the consumer's life and present it in the most inspiring manner for creative to chew. Traditional planners also provide indicative direction to the must-have mass channels in the campaign, supported by media data. Traditional planners help (and even encourage) creatives to say one thing and one thing only in the campaign, regardless of media. That's not wrong. Because that reflects the traditional consumer who's a digital immigrant (I learned a new word today) compared to his or her digital native younger counterpart. He or she is forced to use digital medium (computer, PDAs, handphones, etc) because that's how the world has evolved into it.

If traditional media is dead, then guess who's buried with it? Yup. Planners.

Today's planners need to be a Jack of all traits and Master of some. They need to know all interactive medium such as digital, mobile, PR and events because engagement is the key to integration, on top of what they already know about mass advertising. True value creation today comes from collaborative willingness from consumers. Part of the responsibility of communication should be socially skewed, to provide conusmers with a sustainable long-term value versus short-termed benefits. It's hard to spell everything out in one paragraph but, in a nutshell, planners should really evolve to consider the social innovation realm as part of the marketing mix discipline.

Evolve. Evolve. Evolve.

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