Thursday, April 22, 2010

Honda All New FREED debut in Malaysia.

Finally after months of slogging and the initial tension of watching this come alive, it's finally here. Freed is Honda's new compact premium 4-seater plus a whole lot of ideas. Equipped with many unique, advanced and first-in-class features such as dual auto-sliding door, centre walkway which allows you to walk through between the 2nd row of captain seats, low floor design and many others, the new Freed impressively achieved 6 stars JNCAP in safety rating. And of course, who can miss the unmistakable Honda imprint of fuel-efficient performance and design philosophy as demonstrated by its 5AT mated 1.5 i-VTEC engine housed by a stylish exterior and complemented by a spacious cabin interior, Here's some photos for you to enjoy ;) Enjoy.The new Honda Freed is priced at RM112,980. Honestly, it's not bad for this car considering it's an import with so many of these unique features. You probably have to pay 200 grand for some of these features in a family car. It's a zippy urban mover that provides a lot of orientation in the cabin to cater to different lifestyles and needs. If you want to know more about the vehicle, watch the following video:

I'd like to thank all who put so much effort into putting this campaign together. You know who you are ;) It's the relationships that were built out of this that was (to quote Mastercard), priceless.

Contrary to popular norm, please do not access for the time being. Last we checked, the response was SO overwhelming, CPU capacity has reached 100%! Honestly, this is something which every brand manager will use as an excuse to execute the agencies in charge, but for me. This on the flipside, is extraordinary news! We have never. EVER. Reached such capacity before and actually doubted if Freed was going to be a hit on local shores due to the price. What can I say, but the numbers seem to think otherwise. Thank you for your support oh you who are interested in the vehicle. If you still can't access the site, don't get frustrated. Leave your comments here and we will discuss :)

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