Saturday, April 24, 2010

FREED's launch (personal) photos.

As much as I've worked on many different projects (though, I can't really claim I have enough experience just yet), I love launch events the most. I guess it's just the dynamics of being able to watch something come alive 'physically'. Without an event, launching on ATL alone somehow doesn't give you that 'oomph' if you know what I mean. The other two which I love working on is out-of-home and digital media. Impact, yo... impact ;)

From L-R, first row: Uchida-san (DJ), Ando-san (Honda R&D), Florence, Wong, Steph, Jerome (all DU), Shiao Fong (Honda Malaysia), Hosokawa-san, Okubo-san (DJ), Hide-san (DU)
From L-R, second row: Mimi, Cynthia, Toon, Jacq (DU)
From L-R, third row: Lawrence, Nicole, Karmen and Tanabe-san (DU)
The Dentsu-Honda team ;) Do not underestimate girl power... ahem, sorry about that, Lawrence. There's always an exceptional case...
Yea, uh... I was saying, girl power... (and if I get any thinner, I'll be 2D :P)

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