Sunday, April 25, 2010

If your day is not going too well and you need a booster. Take this:

This video speaks of a poem. I normally give 'inspirational' videos a pass but this one is really special. Because it reminded me of someone. Who gave me the exact same poem when I was little. The only difference between then and now is, this version is obviously digitized, edited with music that will make your hair fuzzy. I know this sounds a little soapy, a bit dramatic, an ounce too much of emotion for you, my oh-so-macho readers ;) But this and the person who gave me this, mean a great deal to me. Sometimes I wonder if I ever have impacted someone's life in that way... somehow.

But anyway, oh you macho macho men. If life (or whatever it is) is pressing you down and you feel like giving up. Rest, if you must. But don't you quit.

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