Thursday, April 1, 2010

Malaysia: Endau-Rompin National Park.

Hmm. Butt's itchy. Need to scratch. Some trees would be nice.

What are you thinking?


Endau-Rompin National Park covers the borders of Johor and Pahang, sprawling over an estimated area of 49,000 hectares (which in layman term is approximately, KLIA x 5). And supposedly contains one of world's oldest rainforests and the volcanic rocks there date back 240 million years and not to be mistaken from the Endau-Rompin State Park. They're different yea.

I'm not really the camping kind but if there's a nice little laid-back chalet (with hot shower), I'll be totally game.

I think Malaysia is beautiful. It isn't any more beautiful than any other better promoted countries, it isn't any less either. To prove my point. Compare the two photos below. Which one do you think belongs to Malaysia, and which one belongs to New Zealand? I'm sure you can tell but you know what I mean. God is fair ;)

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