Monday, July 12, 2010

Dentsu: Offsetting our carbon footprint at Raja Musa.

Dentsu Utama had a big green day out last Saturday, joining forces with other good green people to plant some seedlings at Raja Musa peat swamp. It was a hot weekend but we trudged on! It's actually pretty simple to plant the seedlings, if there's a system and achieved rhythm. One person will shove into the soil and make a quick circular hole, another one to tear the plastic casing of the seedling, and another to drop it (soil and all) into the hole. Well, it's definitely hard work for some, but a really fulfilling one ;)
We pledged a donation of RM10,000 to GEC (Global Environment Centre) and volunteered for a day of 'planting' experience. In order to raise the fund, we produced and sold ec0-bags priced at RM22 each. If you're interested in supporting our pledge (which we already fulfilled!), please email me :) Er... right now, we just need to make sure the bags go out-of-stock.

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