Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Malaysia's first sustainable seafood guide.

The good people in WWF and MNS joined hands to bring you Malaysia's first (and only) sustainable seafood guide. So that you are better informed instead of stuffing mindlessly on shrimps and sotongs and what not every other week.

Coincidentally, I've had a shrimp dinner galore at Bubba Gump last weekend (I wonder out loud where they got their shrimps from...). The same weekend, RedFM also organised a competition on 'how much shrimps you can chomp in 60 seconds'. Well... I feel a little guilty now cause four mouths, there were REALLY a lot of shrimps. Can you imagine how many millions of them, scampi that go into Malaysian tummies in one month!? They better be regenerating as fast as us eating em' otherwise our children will know no shrimps in the future!
Read more about what Sparks thought on sustainable seafood consumption in Malaysia (published almost exactly one year ago, freaky) and the rate we're going at globally which is faster than we can say pesce (which is Italian for fish). I think the whole idea is, to be a bit more balanced in our diet yea, which is a good thing anyway. I'm just thinking with all these women trying to replace carbs with protein, hmm... poor fishy fishy fishy...

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