Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mimicking nature or cloning nature?

I remember the uproar when they cloned Dolly, the sheep. It was a debate between science and religion, whether it was absolutely necessary for mankind to play god in order to save themselves.

Today, there's this proposal of mimicking a leaf where Chinese scientists found a way to create artificial leaves that are almost identical to the real deal. Complete with the ability to capture light and all. If replicated on an industrial scale (according to Knowledge magazine), this could reduce our dependence on oil.

So... Dolly was not okay but leaf is okay. Will it help if I give a name to the leaf like... Betty? The danger of such technology is not apparent because it's masqueraded under so-called innovative endeavour to ultimately bring mankind forward. But we're still not addressing the ultimate issue which is our dependence on oil and negligence on sustainable consumption! Our entire consumer lifestyle is dependent on oil. By creating something like that, we may be weaned off one of nature's most prize gifts but still it doesn't do anything to our mindset in needing to achieve 'balance' not 'profit'.

Well, the debate may not be as controversial as Dolly's because this is a leaf. Living but vegetarian. You get my point. You cast your vote :)

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