Friday, July 16, 2010

Paul Arden, came back to life in Cannes.

High quality production which makes many wonder, "how on earth...??".

But in terms of the script and storyline, I thought it would have been a 'warmer' event if he cracked a few jokes to make the situation a little more light-hearted. As many of you advertising people know, Paul Arden is an award winning Creative Director and best-selling author who passed away in 2008. Which makes this a little... spooky? Sad? Freaky? With him appearing in such a sombre mood. Best is how he went *poof* (complete with dropping of the microphone and all) at the end of the presentation. It's strange because it leaves audience in an awkward mood, not knowing whether to cheer or be silent. Knowing that he is gone forever (and it doesn't help with the last line which he was scripted to say). I think seriously, if it was less serious, it could have been better :) Nevertheless, it's awesome how technology can now make us immortals.

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