Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Global Knowledge Economy Index ranking.

I saw on Facebook, a few Bangladeshis debating on their country's state of Knowledge Economy and how far it is away from the initial vision. Bangladesh is ranked at 138 with one positive jump from 139 since 2000. Now before you look at other countries and smirk... I think you should know where Malaysia sits in this grand knowledge scheme of things.

We are ranked at 48. Not bad right?

The boo boo is, get this. We've been number 48 since 10 years ago. Now I hear ya (what the #$*$#&%#)%*^(@#(# right? Right.) For 10 years... 10 long freaking years. We've been sitting here, being safe, enjoying mediocrity, spewing a workforce who has no balls to challenge the norm nor question the leaders, a mentality of 'if it ain't broken, don't fix it' with no intention to improve status quo except to satiate their selfish ego and gain family benefits. A decade comes and goes so easily.

You must be frustrated (and bruised) to know that you're part of this statistic if you're a Malaysian. But there's something you can do. Learn your rights, stretch at work, break some rules, question the norm, push yourself, support an opposition, etc. I'm not here to sway your vote but I'm just saying that only with a strong and vigilant opposition can keep BN in place (maybe moving is a better word, in case we're STILL at the same place after 10 years). You may liken Pakatan Rakyat as the lubricant to a rusty engine. We don't have to replace the engine. We just have to make sure it's well-oiled.

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