Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm coming home, coming home.

Haven't been away for that long but it sure feels so.  Here I am, recharged, rewired, re-inspired, motivated, understood the direction, ready to get the ball rolling.  You know it's one of those times when you 'happy happy joy joy' had a lot of discussions with many people on various business possibilities and then you go home and it strikes you that, wow.  That's a lot to do yo.  Shaits, what did I promise who?!

:@ ahhhhhhh...

But that's okay, 'challenge' is a way of life anyway.  Though I know a lot of people who are just happy with their laurels.  Well, there's nothing wrong with that I suppose.  To each man his own.  But yea, you can continue sleeping on them while the world moves on.

Anyway, I really need a good partner.  A mid-weight integrated marketing planner.  If you know anyone, please send word?  Here's a rough JD:

1) Preferably T-enabled: Experience in a breadth of fields but specialized in one or two areas to be able to design integrated communication plans that are based on strategic consumer touch points with strong logical thinking, and at the same time able to drill down in specialized areas.
2) Extract insights to inspire big ideas and creative thinking, lead brainstorm sessions.
3) Write strong and relevant brand stories for stakeholders' inspiration.
4) Adept in research and data analysis.
5) Carry strategic business discussions independently with clients at managerial and director level.
6) Part-producer: Key gatekeeper of the big idea to ensure its integrity is adhered to by all parts of the team, and that includes the client.

Please let me know if you've got a good lead.  Help! :)


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