Friday, October 14, 2011

The world's award winning honey has just arrived on Malaysian shores.

If you're not a honey person, it's time for you to really consider making it part of your everyday diet.  Why?  Because honey can help weight loss by increasing your metabolism and providing better digestion (no more sluggish days!).  Also if you don't already know, it is a natural alternative remedy to health problems like asthma, bad breath (yup, that's right!  Gargle with honey because it has anti-bacterial property), cholesterol, heatiness (what I'm feeling now :( sigh... ), sleeplessness and insomnia (milk + honey = yummi), stomach ulcers, arthritis (honey + cider vinegar), burns (yup, while you do your thang in the kitchen, it may come handy), cough, and the most evil problem of them all... STRESS (1 tablespoon of honey + 4 tablespoons of warm water = wow, I'm feeling happy already).

But there are so many varieties out there, off the shelves in supermarkets alone.  As we increasingly appreciate the additional health benefits of honey and not just as an indulging sauce to be put on our pancakes and waffles, it's time to look for some honey experts to get the best quality and not to mention the best deal.

Welcome to Yummi House, which recently launched in SS2, PJ.  It is 100% unprocessed with no artificial sweetening, colouring and whatever-ing they put into your jars outside.  It's really the closest natural honey you can get from the beehive in the wild jungle without going through a life-threatening battle (isn't it great to know that someone else did that for you already?).

So come along now to:

And experience real yummi goodness in a jar.

Meanwhile, here's something to perk you up.  A teaspoon of honey honey is enough to put a smile :)

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