Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Looxcie - capture everything you see (and more).

Remember the premonition talk we had awhile back about how perhaps one day, social media and human will somehow biologically merge?  Well, it's not gonna be soon but it sure looks like there are some really smart brains already working on the idea, placing it on the highway to crystallization.

Introducing Looxcie - the world's first, 'wear and share' device.  From security reasons (think Egypt, or closer to home, the Bersih rally for unaccounted police brutality) to narcissistic excuses (well I'm sure you can draw some examples) to unforgettable moments (e.g wedding proposal, birth of your child), you can now record your life and in real-time, share it on social networks and soon, you can even opt to stream it live.  Well, there you go, your life...  All of your life... on your Facebook wall staring back at you.  Good or bad, you figure.

Here's an example of a clip recorded using Looxcie (look-see, geddit? ;)).  Just remember to be careful of where you're looking when you hit the record button.  You don't want people to get the wrong idea now, do you?

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