Monday, October 24, 2011

Beware of the 'Attack of the Giant Jellyfish' even when you're not in the sea.

Attack of the Giant Jellyfish : Programs : Discovery Channel : Discovery Press Web

You need to watch this and understand why we absolutely absolutely absolutely need to protect and breed our turtles. We've been saying no to illegal turtle poaching - eggs and all, without really understanding how important this sea creature is in balancing our ecosystem.

Jellyfish multiplies despite global warming. If at all, warmer sea temperature increases the breeding of these deadly sea-blobs. You may think they are harmless, but to those who have been stung before (and divers) would know how deadly some could be in paralysing one's nervous system, from severe blistering to immediate cardiac arrest. Passively, we're affected when they attack our food supply which is really all our seafood. It's not just about 'aww, I miss my fish for dinner', but we're talking about the possible loss of billion dollars in marine food industry as well as putting the livelihood of millions (tourism, fisheries, etc) at stake because of the imbalance caused by these seemingly innocent heartless, brainless and boneless creatures. Our turtles are one key solution to the possible destruction of marine life. Now you know how important these ninja turtles are and let's do our part in both spreading awareness and advocating actions to protect them. Because they are essentially protecting us without us even realizing all these while.

The Coral Triangle campaign by WWF will be launched on November 3rd. And if you can, buy a plot of the Coral Triangle today and help support them do all they can to protect our sea guardians, above many other things in that area.

If you need any more convincing, watch this:

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