Saturday, October 24, 2009


This year's Tokyo Motorshow has shrunk considerably in size due to the impact of the widespread economic depression. Although it is less interesting compared to the magnitude of this automotive show two years ago, it is nice to see what the Japanese have been up to and what vision they have set upon themselves and collectively to achieve a more harmonious environment between man and machine, especially in the face of threatening global environment issues.
Honda's theme for this year is 'Creating the never before' which stems from one of the many insightful sayings of grand old daddy, Soichiro Honda. The message to Honda's fans and potential supporters is about exploring possibilities to create a more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle for the mass via exploring original technologies. Unlike other manufacturers, Honda this year concentrates on their personal philosophy, going back to the fundamental cultish teachings of their founder to showcase their thinking versus solely exhibiting their technologies. The stage performance, I have to admit, is really the best seen amongst all exhibitors (not that I'm biased. Will try to upload the video in YouTube soon ;)).

President of Honda, Takanobu Ito took the speech baton from Asimo, explaining Honda's concentrated effort in CO2 reduction by not only reducing fuel consumption on current vehicles but also researching and perfecting alternative technologies such as the FCX Clarity. This year, they also introduced the concept of 'Honda Electric Mobility Loop' - HELLO to promote EVs. Of course, the cutest star of the day was the EV-N which brings a little nostalgia of the first Civic which ran on the then most innovative CVCC. The EV-N also comes with the UX-3, personal mobility vehicle (one-wheeler). In meeting budget effectiveness, Honda displays both 4-wheeler and 2-wheeler in the same booth which subsequently allows visitors to experience the impact of the manufacturer's single-minded thinking in every conceived product.

Unlike other manufacturers, Honda aims to cater to every single layer of the society via the EV concept. Those who prefer performance over Darth Vader sounding hybrids will be attracted to the CRZ concept (due for production next year) - the first and only hybrid car which comes with a 6-speed MT.
For the stylish who prefer high utility over 2-seater hybrids (that cater to people with no family, no baggages, and no legs) will be amazed by another concept by Honda called Skydeck which is a 6-seater multipurpose vehicle. While we're on a race towards an electric future, the current Insight and Civic Hybrid are more recognizable with familiar technologies appealing to the now.

Everyone is moving towards the eco direction. It's nice to see how Honda doesn't lose its grit especially when its DNA started from advanced performance and racing activities. We look forward to see more 'hybrid' thinking from this manufacturer - combining two thoughts to create an original value. Which is the 'never before'.

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