Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vogue September issue featuring the Ice Queen.

I vaguely remember reading the particular phonebook size Vogue two years ago. The first 100 plus pages or so are all ADS. Instead of mindless brand propaganda, it was about art, art, art and slap brand on art. To my surprise, they weren't boring at all.

So when The September Issue was on screen in New Zealand, I figure I had to watch it. Couple of things I gather from the film (can't say it's amazing because... that's how all documentaries/reality films are done now anyway, but it's great nevertheless).

One: I didn't know that what you are wearing right now as you're reading this traces back to The One Single Point in the fashion kingdom known as Anna Wintour (at any point - could be a year, two years, some years, but always That One Point). I mean, yea, she's the renown Editor of Vogue and she's powerful, but I didn't know she was that powerful. She basically has the world's greatest designers wrapped around her little finger, all gingerly waiting for her precious little nod to seal the confidence before their runway production. So now I know. You want to hold others on their ___ ? Then you've got to be in media. And you've got to be VERY big in media. As a matter of fact, VERY big media. And Vogue is VERY big.

Two: It was equally enlightening to see what really goes on behind those unassuming doors which separate fashion's greatest creative energy from rest-of-the-world. The systems they employ to produce their monthly issues are really insightful. A system which holds individuals together without them losing their technicolor creativity to become part of the monochrome factory-line. We've been trying to 'create' systems too in this office because we were trying to counter the problems of being too personnel dependent especially when the turnover of this industry is worrying. But at the back of my mind, I've always gotten more worried about creating an advertising factory line - churning out FAs mindlessly - which loses the entire point of being in a creative communication business. We must have a system, because it protects the business. But we must not lose the individual's fingerprint in the process. Hmm. Very intricate business.

But seriously, if the opportunity arises, please go watch it.

Also, if you like fashion and will queue forever for Anna Wintour, you may want to watch this male version called Valentino The Last Emperor. Love defies rules. Here's the trailer :)

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