Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Forbes: What your car says about you.

"Porsches smack of success. Hondas preach practicality. And, according to a recent report, Chevys proudly proclaim of their owners, "I don't use the Internet."

Your car implies more about your life than you might think. While 13% of Chevy owners don't use the Web, by contrast, less than 3% of Honda owners remain in the technological Stone Age. The antithesis of flashy, Honda owners are usually pragmatic and well educated; 70% boast a college degree or higher, compared with 35% of Chevy owners and 45% of Ford owners.

The data was released in the spring as part of this year's New Vehicle Experience Study by San Diego-based market research outfit Strategic Vision."

More story here.

It's a nice research to do while I don't think it gives any true insights. Automotive is serious business and even the cheapest vehicle requires the buyer to make some really hefty investment as compared to buying a slice of bread or a tube of toothpaste. Even if it's only a few thousand USD, it is a few thousand USD. For that kind of investment, it is natural to assume that people will gravitate towards brands that represent themselves presently.

In Malaysia, if you don't have the dough, you get an entry-level Proton. You want something more reliable, you get a Perodua. You can afford bit more, you get a Toyota. You want something more stylish with the same investment, you get a Honda. If you don't care about brands but want to just flick those million of switches in the car with functions you may not even use in a million years, you pick an American. If you want to be better than National brand owners but can't afford Japanese, you get Korean. If you're upcoming, wanting to flaunt your hardwork (or easy money), you go for entry-level 3series. If you're a bit old school, you go for Mercedes. If you're trying to be different from the executive pack and have a bit of innovative blood in you, you drive an Audi. If you're a real car fan, and can see beyond all these brand fluff that encapsulates the real German technology McCoy, you go for a VW. So... what are you?

Perhaps, we just need research to validate that ;)

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