Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Change the way we look at sustainability in automotive business.

The influx of Hybrids and EVs becomes almost every manufacturer's intend in lowering CO2 emission at consumer level. I think it's high time they should look at the total CO2 emission right from the beginning, starting from manufacturing. That should speak more volume about the brand.

Lexus HS 250h claims that 30% of the combined interior and luggage area is made of Ecological Plastics (TM), which is created, in part, using plant-based materials sourced from the fibers of the kenaf plant and oils from castor seeds. Subsequently reducing the reliance on petroleum-based materials which helps to lower CO2 impact of manufacturing.

Carbon reduction should be considered at three different stages of the product-consumer cycle which is at point of manufacturing, at point of usage and at point of disposal. Therefore, to truly claim sustainability, automakers need to consider a holistic approach to the manufacturing process (because this cause the greatest impact on the environment). Putting out products which are kind to the environment will someday be a 'given' because as I mention before, social conscious consumers will 'vote' with their money. Last but not least, manufacturers should not stop there. They should also plan strategies to educate their customers on the disposal of their products. Now that's closing the loop.

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