Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Food Inc - Hungry for change?

Watched Food Inc. An independent documentary on the American food industry ala Michael Moore with better art direction. The big States seems to be always getting the spotlight for their lead role – the tyrant of all sorts when it comes to consumer scandals (whether or not it’s within their shores). Independent filmmaker Robert Kenner strips away America’s packaging without shame to expose some of the most hideous acts and pure selfish motivations of the country in the name of capitalist growth. It may seem insignificant now, but not in the near future.

Not too long ago, we completed the research on ‘The Green Chronicles’ and have been actively pursuing and propagating sustainability by encouraging people to make the right decisions. Not by going against the system but by actually utilizing the same system these capitalist monsters have been using against gullible human and nature, called consumerism. Yes, you can vote every single day for what you believe in and what is right for your family, community, society, country and ultimately the world by spending your dollar wisely, choosing only manufacturers and service providers that put social business back into commerce. Corporations have always been consumer-centric anyway, but it’s increasingly important for us to acknowledge the importance of being crowd-centric instead. Considering communities as a whole before profit, even before the consumer, I dare say... Simply because being consumer-centric only means profit generation. The problem starts when they get all fuzzied vision about it and forget that they too are living in a society spiraling downwards in this era of environmental doom.

Well, vote responsibly with your money and support local industry (I speak for Malaysia – please understand that a lot of the ‘nice imageries of delicious foods and made-up vitamins’ come from packaging design and really smart brand marketing – take it from someone who is from the advertising industry aight’?), so yea… if the quality isn’t too bad then why not vote for local produce the next time you purchase something? Find out more about the slow food movement and collaborate with your local community and perhaps, start food appreciation at home instead of external food establishments.

I’ll be interested to find answers to these questions in Malaysia. Please share if you have them.

1) What are the laws which are protecting consumers and which ones are protecting the food industry and what is the balance?

2) What are we importing and exporting and why are we exporting better goods offshore instead of providing it to local consumers?

3) What agricultural practices are we implementing that take a holistic approach from ensuring farmer’s wellbeing up to consumer consumption education? For example, the UTZ Certified coffee beans in New Zealand that strongly practice sustainability in their coffee, tea and cocoa production supporting local communities.

4) Exactly how sustainable are we? In all our food productions; fisheries, agriculture, etc? And how many graduates are we churning out per year who do not just take over their seniors but to one day, lead and innovate these important but most overlooked industries?

On a separate note, read about this new spot in Manhattan called Rouge Tomato. It’s another one of those posh places where dining is fine art I supposed. But what’s commendable is, it too, is riding the wave of social-consciousness that’s sweeping across America hence providing an alternative to high-end customers. To wine and dine at their place, simply because RT belives in Grass-Fed New York Strip Steak (mind you, not CORN-fed. If you watch the movie, you’ll understand what I mean). Here's a peak:

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