Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Automotive: Video of the man-defying lightning speed shift of DSG ;)


But I do agree, at high-speed straight and mid-speed (approximately 80 to 100km/h) at sharp corners the GTi sticks perfectly well. But anything over 100km/h at corners, this front-wheel drive car tends to understeer a little even with the traction control switched on. Although it's just a little but if you push it somemore, you'll start skidding (so please don't do that until you change the stock tyres then maybe it helps grip a little better). But high-speed and super-high-speed on straight and this thing flies man! FLIES. The DSG is super responsive and extremely quick, stretching beyond the red line with a perfect upshift each time. I'm thinking of 'improving' the understeer a little so that it performs better at curves. Any suggestion?

Can't wait to try launching the car in S-mode without traction control ;)

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