Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Social media: Kill yourself - end your life in your social networks.

There's this site called the 'Web 2.0 Suicide Machine' which helps kill your online self in approximately 52 minutes (compared to if you do-it-yourself? 9 hours and 35 minutes) so that you have your REAL life back. It's quite a funny notion if you ask me. But for someone to actually take that step (well, 2,056 people actually did), social networks must have really bothered them a lot. Again, life is all about balance and too much of a good thing (no matter how efficient and/or productive you think Web 2.0 is, it does not replace your family and friends) is bad.

Watch the promotional video. To be honest? I'm quite tempted to make that jump too. I'm just really curious how it feels, seeing your life wiped out right in front of your eyes. The video is really funny in its best attempt to be sombre about this passing away of your online alterego. Ha ha ha. Okay, you watch the video here while I go check what's up this weekend on my Facebook groups and make sure I get the Tweets out to my mates.

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