Monday, February 1, 2010

Social media: Crowdsourcery Potion 101.

In conjunction with NY Social Media Week:

Some have predicted that crowdsourcing is the future of the marketing, advertising and industrial design industry. The phenomenon, they argue, will accelerate creativity across a larger network. Others, meanwhile, have predicted that it is a passing fad but one that downward pressure on prices on current agency work.

So which is it? Does crowdsourcing represent the beginning of the end of creative organizations? Or does it herald the beginning of something bigger and transformational for those agencies - and for business in general?

Moderator: John Winsor, CEO at Victors & Spoils

Ty Montague (Co-President and Chief Creative Officer, JWT North America)
Michael Lebowitz (Founder and CEO, Big Spaceship)
Saneel Radia, SVP, Alchemist at Denuo
Faris Yakob, EVP Chief Technology Strategist at McCann Erickson New York - Sparks: Whoa, this must be the biggest title I've ever heard!

Wish I could go. Well, you can. RSVP here.

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