Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hotel: Nexus Karambunai, Sabah.

Got spending some time in Sabah for work assignment and managed to catch some rest at the Nexus Karambunai Resort. I remember the time when it was first opened and so many raved about it being one of the best and few luxury resorts in Sabah. One thing I must say, it’s H U G E. Comes as no surprised when it’s like a state-size Club Med, fully self-contained with its own Lagoon and Nature Park, common rooms and luxury villas, 18-hole golf course and award winning Borneo Spa (which I later find it hard to believe). It’s easy to lose yourself in this resort, figuratively and literally speaking.

I’ve come to realized that the image of such resorts is usually reflective of the type of tourists that it plays host to. Here, you can expect to see a lot of non-native Asians – Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese. All escaping the winter chill from their home country. And on different seasons, you have Europeans and Middle-Easterners escaping the scorching summer to a more bearable balmy weather. This place caters to couples, friends and families, basically those who travel in a bunch. So during peak seasons, you might as well forget about listening to yourself especially at public areas such as the beach. If you want privacy aside from your room, the Borneo Spa could be one option. Or if really want to do some serious thinking, maybe playing a game of giant chess can help boost some juice. Apply sun block in advanced though.

Comfortable rooms, big for two but amenities are basic. My apprehension with this kind of big resorts has always been maintenance. Luxury doesn’t gel when the towels are fraying and wood is chipping. Obviously, once again, the word luxury is used quite carelessly. So if you’re reading this during your ‘think’ break and will soon go back to the drawing board for your client’s brand strategy coincidentally selling ‘luxury’. PLEASE. Either drop it. Or live up to it.

Would I recommend Nexus Karambunai? Yes. Pack your bags, stay within the confinement of the resort that is bustling with activities which will keep you busy and perhaps hop on the shuttle to have some of the best seafoods in Kota Kinabalu. If you’re alone, then maybe this isn’t the best destination because this is definitely a place for bonding. If you’re feeling spendthrift though, invite some friends and rent one of the amazing beach front Villas and play ‘overnight tycoon’ who owns a private beach holiday home. Even if it’s just for a few nights. Now, this is the bit where luxury fits the bill.


  1. ...and some say it is hell at night in Nexus Karambunai

  2. Hell at night? Are you referring to what I think you are referring to? ...