Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dentsu iButterfly launched in Adtech 2010, Singapore.

The iButterfly dubbed as 'digital coupons' or 'location focused information' by its creators, is an innovative iPhone application which mashes media, entertainment via AR, GPS technology and consumer incentives into a single platform. It allows users to 'catch' butterflies in the Augmented Reality world anywhere which this application is available. All the user need to do is raise the phone, wait for the virtual butterfly to fly into the square, then swing to catch it. Once caught, users will then able to retrieve the coupon or information linked to the butterfly. It's also a fun and entertaining application which sometimes these butterflies are simply caught for collection or to be shared with friends.

This location based services can limit coverage to areas (e.g within X range) or by time (e.g within Y month).

The video shows the initial presentation of iButterfly - the first series after its prototype developed by the Communication Design Centre (CDC) team in Dentsu Japan. This is a strategic platform which demonstrates how innovative usage of existing technology can transform mobile phones into personal media space in an engaging and permissive way. Of course if you are wondering, there are many ways to redesign the 'butterfly' to suit other creative ideas.

The iButterfly is a proprietary (IP) mobile application owned by Dentsu and is launched today in Singapore. It will soon be available in the rest of Asia, outside of Japan. The idea was conceived from Dentsu Group's philosophy of 'Good Innovation' fueled by the three guiding elements of Ideas, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

If your interested to know more :) we'll be happy to share.


  1. Currently as for now, which areas are in can we catch the butterflies?
    I only have the afa areas

  2. It was an official launch in Japan. You'll have to wait awhile before it's officially launched in Asia :)

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