Friday, June 11, 2010

KL Railway Station will be sold to a private company? Well done again, Mr. Government!

You know what? While you're at that, why don't you sell off the Sultan Abdul Samad building too? And throw in the Dataran Merdeka and see if our father of independence would come back from the dead to help see it through? And since we're in this careless shopping spree, let's sell off the palace too. I heard they are moving. How about our Tugu Negara? Since some people complained they looked too Caucasian to be Malaysians anyway.

STOP THIS INSANITY! Really, it's crazy!

When I finally cooled down and really thought about it. I only have one person (or company) in mind that I thought could perhaps take better care of these precious monumental landmarks of our dear country. Could it be YTL? Although they do have other skeletons in the closet but they also have experience in restoring and preserving heritage sites albeit using it for luxurious commercial purposes. The only request I have is for them to turn the building into something which is a non-hotel. Something that is opened to anyone and everyone. Something that is classless yet precious. Something that doesn't discriminate. Something that doesn't only embrace those with platinum plastic cards. Something that can be appreciated and remembered by Malaysians and tourists alike. Something which can be used to promote arts and performances. Something which can be used to house other precious finds that cannot seem to find an appropriate home in this country. Something educational for everyone one of us, every generation.

Sigh. Give me the petition, I will sign it! BIG!

I really hope this won't be another case of Bok House. No wonder we have no heritage. Our government sold it off.

Present day Kuala Lumpur Railway Station.

And the majesty in 1945.


  1. As for the palace, they are not moving. They are just building another one. Why have one when you can have two.

  2. But the government will sell both?