Monday, June 14, 2010

Dulux Paint Bank - a great green marketing idea!

Dulux recently launched a campaign called the Dulux Paint Bank where they rally the public to 'donate' leftover paint back to the brand. The paint (if usable) will be used to cheer up the dull walls of charity homes. If it's unusable, it will be treated and disposed of correctly and most importantly, safely, with great considerations to the care of the environment.

When I first saw the video posted on FB done by Dulux which says a shocking 96% Malaysians disposed paint in the sink or drain (WTH!?!), I found that utterly unbelievable. Then after checking with the people behind the campaign, which they claimed true (well... I still have reservations) then I really think there is no better time for all manufacturers to really reconsider having 'disposal' as part of the consumer purchase loop. Seriously.

Anyway, I think this campaign is a really fantastic idea. A lot of people are very willing to help out, we just have to provide an access. And when there is one, the scale will tip. Looking forward to more of such great ideas!

What are you waiting for? If you have leftover paint, get rid of them and get rid of them SUSTAINABLY now! Join Dulux's fan page to find out more.

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