Saturday, June 12, 2010

My great Empire State of Mind today.

Before I begin. Thank You for opening doors.

It was a good (but according to boss, it was unexpectedly way beyond 'good') presentation yesterday to the boss' boss. And we're really happy with the result and the feedback. I guess that is what happens in every pitch. More than you wanna hear "Ok, great, let's proceed", is "Ok, I'll give you the budget, you make it happen in quarter 2". Ahh, music to my ears - money and deadline equals to a definitive green light. So that's what 'way beyond good' means :)

So, we've got a preliminary plan in place to roll out The Green Chronicles for Asia, a little too concrete at the moment since we haven't really got an accurate scope on what's happening in other subsidiaries. TGC was more like a research-based project but I think we could use this stone to kill many birds if we could strategically plan it right. Even the term 'for sustainable marketing' seems limiting. The process itself could be used to change people's mindset. And I think that's probably the most important part. So I've been up all night, drilling down level 1 and leaving the rest... less concrete :) It's my first time to work on a project that's of this scale and though it's pretty daunting at first thought, I'm really really extremely excited about the possibilities. For everyone. We definitely want to be strong in this region and be known as the 'catalyst of change for sustainability'. And more importantly, we want results. Long-term accountable and sustainable results. Let see where this journey takes us.

Well it's Saturday. Lighten up a bit :) Love this video. Love this song. Love the reality and the gritty streets of the big apple. Love the love New Yorkers have for New York.

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