Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Striking balance between environmental and economic profitability.

Working on a pre-project. Pre because it isn't exactly a project project yet. But something that I've been advocating and really keen on pushing. And push I will.

Next week (fingers crossed) is probably the defining week of what could possibly be my dream project, inspired by the likes of Future Perfect. The kind of job that brings you so close to grassroot reality but at the same time provides you enough commercial leverage to spark substantial change. It's kinda nerve-wrecking for me because... for some strange reasons, it feels like I've just signed up for a very 'informal' interview cum self-credentials presentation. Or maybe, nothing of that sort and all these nerves are just making me a little more mental each day. Yeah, maybe it's all in my head, it could be a very clear cut straightforward no nonsense project which feasibility really depends entirely on the budget. It's probably no big deal.

But then again, it could be. From what I feel, it could be a defining moment for both employer and employee to change the way we've been orbiting in the industry for the past decades. If we don't change our course now, we will be headed right into an environmental and economic catastrophy (you know this is no exaggeration).

What started as an initial school-type project is maturing and after much incubation where improvisation was constantly made, now has the potential to evolve into becoming something even bigger which could inspire a cluster of others to consider different methods in doing things to bring about win-win-win situations for every stakeholders of Planet Earth. Yeah, I'm really digging this belief of 'innovating ourselves out of this mess which we've innovated ourselves into'. Yes Mr. President, we can!

But. With the bureaucracy, it could take another decade for something to happen. Or will it? It all depends on next week. Or week after next. Or as I've mentioned, the next decade. Sigh. We shall see. Maybe I'm nervous, because like any other pitches... I know I only have one shot?

Like Jan, I don't need to know everything. I just need to understand what I know.

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