Friday, June 25, 2010

Why Singapore is light years ahead of Malaysia?

Apologies. I'm a self-proclaimed researcher (totally not a professional!). Therefore, I am biased and put a lot of emphasis in research and measurement because I'm one of those who firmly believe that we cannot improve on what we cannot measure.

Compare the researches and publications that are consistently conducted by the Singapore Ministry:

1. Marriage Preparation Programmes (MPP) 2010 English
2. Marriage Preparation Programmes (MPP) 2010 Mandarin
3. Marriage Preparation Programmes (MPP) 2010 Mandarin for Transnational couples
4. Dads for Life Media Release
5. Dads for Life Key Survey Findings
6. Family As a Leadership Value Survey
7. Marriage Builders
8. Just Married - Live It. Love It!
9. Family First - State of the Family Report 2009
10.Marriage of A Lifetime 2009
11. Rising in Resilience
12. NFC Annual Report 2007/08 - Family First
13. NFC Annual Report 2006/07 - ThinkFamily
14. State of the Family in Singapore
15. Building Resilient Families - The Road Ahead.
16. The Council's Workplan for 2006-08
17. 活出姿彩
18. Beautiful Baby, Wonderful Baby
19. Becoming Parents
20. Bliss - When baby makes three
21. Dear Mum and Dad, Don't Make Me Feel Bad
22. Live iT!

Compare ours (1/4 pages):

(source: Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development)

We should stop skipping around the surface and get our hands dirty and dig into real insights. Our numbers are not updated and we do not have enough social insights. Sometimes I wonder, what on earth do they base their policies and actions on. It's the simple theory of rubbish in, rubbish out. What on earth do they benchmark against? Until we have strong knowledge on what issues we are facing, why are we facing them and what is changing within, we will never be able to strategize an efficient plan.

If researches have been dutifuly conducted, then be consistent. Stop awarding fly-by-night research agencies who have no credentials or whatsoever, just because it's someone's nephew's son's mother's daughter's friend's father. Open the playing field and stop protecting local companies. They should know that if they want to be in the battle field, they've got to be prepared to bleed to compete. Stop taking the people's funds for granted and make silly decisions using their hard earned money.

And if you're one of those engaged research agencies, stop being a bogus. Stop taking advantage of the government and just wanting to cash out.

There are too many people sitting in ministries, shaking legs. And not enough genuine heroes.


  1. By just changing the research agency to one which is more reputable, I think that's the first huge leap we will take out of this gutter. TNS, Synovate, there are so many reputable ones! Instead of Abang Adik and Friends...